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watched television program in u.s. history. so, it is game day for the players and for cbs sports. the 49ers beat the broncos in superbowl 24 in new orleans, a ticket cost $125 and a commercial went for 700,000. fast forward to superbowl 47 where a premium ticket goes for 1,250 and a 30 second commercial cost $4 million. the pressure is enormous. >> this is a big challenge. um, the technical terms, the board is maxed out. >> reporter: this is part of the superbowl you will not see. the cbs compound. there are two game trucks, replay trucks, slow motion trucks and pregame trucks. >> all season long, it has pointed to new orleans. it's a great honor. when it ends, you wish you had it next year. >> reporter: it is the team behind the scenes that make the event seem larger than life. >> it has quadrupled times four. >> reporter: this is the 4k replay truck capturing 300 and 500 frames per second. >> we are able to zoom into a controversial play and make correct calls. >> reporter: the compound reminded me of an ant hill. everything with a job to do
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1